Manufactures Cusell, S.L.


We are specialized in the manufacture of custom made parts. Washers, gaskets and seals, o-rings, machined plastics, molded rubber parts, metal parts, and a wide range of associated products.

We manufacture any size of washers, seals and gaskets in any material, we re-sell standard O-rings and manufacture non standard O-rings, injection moulded and compression moulded rubber parts in custom made moulds and we machine engineering plastics with high grade technology. Our extruding facilities produce tubes, profiles and cords in sponge and compact rubbers, TPV's and coextruded products and our modern instalations in die cutting and stamping produce numerous parts such as flange gaskets, cap liners, washers and seals in metal, plastic, rubber, fiber, refractory materials and multiple others. Our production facilities include laser, waterjet and plotter, enabling us to produce prototypes and short series with very short lead times and at competitive prices with no tooling costs.

MANUFACTURES CUSELL, YOUR ONE-STOP SUPPLIER for quality products at the best price, with short lead times and professional service.

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Septa seals

We manufacture septa seals for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. [+]


O-rings for extreme temperatures

We have O-rings for use under critical conditions with temperatures of down to -250C and up to +260C [+]


Flexibility in production

Our driving force. [+]

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