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FEP - PFA encapsulated O-rings

As the name indicates, these O-rings have a core of one material, encapsulated by another. The core is generally either silicone or PTFE and the skin usually either FEP or PFA.

Thanks to the fluorated PTFE skin, the encapsulated seal offers a superb chemical resistance and the core material ideal sealing properties, contrary to the conventional elastomeric O-ring or the non-flexible PTFE ring.


The encapsulated seals have very low gas permeability as well as a very low friction coefficient. With a FEP skin the Seals can work at up to 200ºC and with PFA skin up to 250ºC.


For any application with high pressure or temperature we recommend using PFA encapsulated seals.


The encapsulated O-rings are designed to the same dimensional grooves as traditional O-rings, however some tools may be needed during installation due to the outer skin as the seals are not as flexible as the traditional O-rings.


For use with food stuffs and pharmaceutical godos, the Seals can be manufactured with FDA approval.


Unlike most other manufactuers, we can produce the encasulated Seals with an NBR core. We also have square and rectangular core materials.


For cryogenic and other extreme ambient, we can solve sealing problems with an encapsulated stainless steel spiral, a seal capable of working at temperatures of down to -250ºC. These seals can be manufactured from inside diameters of 12.7mm and up and we can quote 20 different thicknesses. 


O-rings for extreme temperatures

We have O-rings for use under critical conditions with temperatures of down to -250ºC and up to +260ºC [+]


FEP o PFA encapsulated Silicone or Viton O rings

We offer very competitive prices on encapsulated O rings of European manufacture. [+]

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