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The most commonly used washers in industry are metal washers according to DIN norms, copper and aluminium washers according to DIN 7603 and rubber washers for heating and plumbing. They are therefore easily encountered on the market, but when requirements are for non standard sizes and materials however, options are reduced drastically.

This is where Manufacturas Cusell comes into the picture, with more than 40 years of experience as a specialist in the custom manufacturing of washers, seals and gaskets in any transformable material.

 If you need custom made designs, specific materials or have any other specific requirements do not hesitate to contact Manufactures Cusell, we will be pleased to serve you.

Basically, a washer is a circular part with a central aperture.

Washers are used for an infinite variety of applications, such as: 

 - Dissipation of pressure load from bolts or screws, on any surface, thereby avoiding risk of damage.

 - Lending a flat and uniform surface to the bolt or screw, allowing these to be tightened without risk of loosening as a result of uneven surfaces.


- A seal for liquids or gases.


- Preventing invasion of liquids or particles.


- Thermal and electric insulation of two surfaces.


- Reduction or elimination of vibrations.


- Adding thickness to a part.


- Esthetical finishes.


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