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Metal washers

For our washers in copper and aluminium, standard DIN 7603 as well as non-standard sizes, we have an extensive price list with sizes for any application.

One of our specialities is the manufacturing of shims according to DIN-988 or to any custom size. These shims can be produced in stainless steel, copper, brass, tempered steel, etc in thicknesses from 0.01mm. We have most materials in stock and can quote small as well as large series with very short lead times.

  • Although our production is mainly non-standard custom made metal washers, we can also produce any standardized washer, especially flat washers

    With the exception of some special cases, the minimum order quantity for these washers is 1.000 pcs.

    Please consult us for smaller lots of production.

    Among others, we can provide the following standards:


    Standard washers in steel:


    - DIN-125 A and B

    - DIN-125 A and B HV 140/200/300

    - DIN-126

    - DIN-127 type B

    - DIN-433

    - DIN-434

    - DIN-435

    - DIN-6340

    - DIN-6796

    - DIN-6797 J

    - DIN-6798 A and J

    - DIN-7349

    - DIN-7967

    - DIN-7980

    -  DIN-9021

    - ISO 7089, 7090, 7091, 7092, 7093-1, 7092-2

    - Contact washers

    - S/NFE 25511washers

We manufacture custom made washers to size in any metal, among others:

Steel Washers

 For general use.

Stainless steel washers, notably 304 and 306.


This material has excellent resistance to corrosion and to many chemicals.

Aluminium washers (1050/1100, 2024, …)


With excellent resistance to corrosion and with good electrical and thermal conductivity. 

Duraluminium washers


At normal working temperatures this material has very good mechanical resistance.

Brass washers 

Non-magnetic, softer than steel and resistant to corrosion.

Bronze washers (SAE 660/SAE 841/phosphatised/with silicon)


An alloy of copper, tin, lead and zinc, this non-porous material is very resistant to impacts and corrosion.

Hard copper washers.

Non-magnetic and resistant to corrosion.

Annealed copper washers

The annealed copper washer offers superior sealing properties compared to hard copper washers.

Hastelloy washers


This alloy has excellent resistance to impacts, cracking due to corrosion and oxidisation. It is also resistant to chemical agents such as chlorine.

 Iron washers


Great resistance and durability.

Galvanized iron washers


Limited resistance to oxidisation

Soft iron washers


Iron with lower hardness

Nickel-Chrome washers (Inconel)


This strong alloy resists a wide range of temperatures and is resistant to corrosion.

Monel washers (alloy of nickel and copper)


Monel is extremely resistant in general and  slightly magnetic, offering also resistance to heat and corrosion. Monel does not disfigure with time and is widely employed for applications in salt water and in chemical and electrical installations.

Titanium washers


With superior resistance to corrosion to 18-8 and 316 SS, but with comparable strength, Titanium washers offer advantages in connection with salt, sulphuric acid and high temperatures.

Lead washers 

Have very diverse uses, they are used as a radiation barrier, as added weight elements and for acoustic protection.

Wire mesh washers


Water filters for taps.

Bimetal washers


These washers are used to avoid galvanic corrosion in connections between copper and aluminium pipes. 

Galvanized washers/Pasivated washers


These washers provide good protection to oxidisation. The treatments can be: Hexavalent
 pasivation such as bichrome, black or green and trivalent such as blue and high resistance iridescent.

Cadmium plated washers


Perfect for corrosion resistance.

Chrome plated washers


Polished and shiny for aesthetic purposes. Wear and corrosion resistant.

Galvanized washers


When galvanized in post production these washers have better anti corrosion properties. 

“Gold” plated washers


Plated in a gold coloured chemical process to add electric conductivity.

Nickel plated washers

Gives the washer a neat finish.

Silver plated washers


Silver plated copper washers add electric conductivity.

Tin plated washers


For ornamental use or to heighten soldability and oxidisation resistance. 

Copper plated washers


Copper plated steel washers are an economical solution for electric  conductivity.

Brass plated washers


Basically for decorative use, due to colour and shiny appearance.

Phosphatated washers.


For superior paint adherence and anti corrosion quality.


New price list for copper and aluminium washers.

You can now download our new price list for copper and aluminium washers in standard sizes. [+]


Rubber-Duroplast as an alternative to Rubber-Metal

For high temperatures this new combination can offer many advantages. [+]

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