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Washers in engineering plastics

We manufacture washers in any engineering plastic, either by stamping with matrix or dies, machining in multifunctional CNC turns or cut from sheets by plotter or water jet. Any size can be made, whether in whole parts or in sections.

Some of our specialities are the manufacture of virgin or repro PTFE machined from tube or bars and the manufacture of plastics with adhesive on one side, either served loose or kiss-cut. 

Any size and quantity can be produced, whether one-offs or large series of over a  million, in most cases with no tooling costs. We have the capacity to produce parts with very tight tolerances, from approximately ±0.05mm.

We are also specialists in spacers  and grommets in any plastic material, most commonly in polyethelene, polyamide and POME as well as washers according to norms DIN-125, DIN-9021 and DIN-433.

Any shape can be quoted, whether conical, curved, open ended,  toothed, spring type, French NFM 25511M or any other.

This is a list of the most commonly used engineering plastics used for the manufacture of washers:

- Nylon

- Polyamide 6 and 6.6

- Nylatron®

- Poliethelene, high density, low density and Apm.

- Polystyrene


- Delrin®

- Pet and Pet-G

- Peek

- Teflon®

- Ptfe virgin, repro, expanded and modified.

- Doniflon®-2020

- Val-flon®

- Rulon®

- Polycarbonate

- Polypropylene


- Plexiglas®

- Pvc rigid, semirigid, flexible and pvc-glass.

- Polyester

- Pvdf

- Arnite®

- Ppsu

- Pei

- Pmma

- Abs

- Mylar®


New price list for copper and aluminium washers.

You can now download our new price list for copper and aluminium washers in standard sizes. [+]

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