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G-ST gaskets

Rubber/steel gaskets with a steel ring vulcanised into the gasket, for self centering sealing according to EN 1514-1(PN6-40).

 For use in pipelines, especially underground installations, for steel, plastic or GRP pipes for gas, water, oil or other liquids.

 The G-ST gaskets eliminate the need for wedges and additional seals and facilitate positioning the gasket in difficult situations such as oblique bends in pipelines in uneven terrain where straight line construction is difficult. 

Due to it’s special design, the G-ST gasket is very apt for flanges with uneven surfaces as it absorbs variations in temperature or pressure and distributes the torque force. 

These gaskets do not require high torque nor retightning as is the case with other flange gaskets.

 They are able to seal enameled flanges as well as flanges with rough surfaces.

 Due to  the gaskets’ wedge shaped design, it offers a perfect alternative to the classic G-ST with an o-ring on the inside diameter. 

The standard compound used in the elaboration of the G-ST gaskets is either EPDM or NBR, assuring long life and consequently economical benefits.


Diameters: from DN 15 to DN 1200


Range of Nominal Pressure: from PN6 to PN40


Certified for potable water according to norm KTW/W270


The gaskets can be elaborated in any rubber compound according to customer requirement.


Upon requirement the gaskets can be manufactured according to ASME 16.20 or DIN 2690.


For critical installations, where chemical resistance is required, we can produce the gaskets with an external PTFE film upon request.


Standard materials


NBR 70º SH. A  - Certified DIN-DVGW s/EN 682 class GB - Apt for gas conducts.


EPDM 70º SH. A - Certified KTW D1/D2, 1.3.13 BFA for potable water and W270.





Installation instructions for G-ST gaskets



-          Flanges must be clean, dry and aligned in parallel before work starts.

-          The gasket must not be damaged.

-          Separating agents or lubricants containing grease should not come into contact with the rubber gasket.

-          Tighten the screws evenly (crosswise) in multiple passes.

-          The pipeline must be prevented from settling by the use of appropriate supporting material, otherwise the rubber gasket will be pinched on one side.

-          Rubber/steel gaskets should not be re-used.


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