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Flange gaskets

Flange gaskets are used to seal immobile flange connections from leakage of liquids or gases. The gasket assures sealing between two flanges when these are connected by bolts and nuts, by absorbing any surface defects.


Choosing the correct material for the gasket is of major importance. The three main factors to take into consideration are pressure and temperature and compatibility with whatever fluid is going to be in touch with the gasket.

Other factors are the life span of the gasket, cost, ease of installation, certification for use with food stuffs, etc. To guarantee a hermetic fit one must adhere to the suggested torque and the tightening order of the bolts as well as the cleaning of the flange surfaces.



The most frequently used flange gaskets are:


-       Raised Face, or RF, gaskets are commonly used for pipelines. They have no bolt holes and are lodged within the inside bolt circumference.


-       Flat Face or Full Face, FF, gaskets are commonly used for low resistance flanges. The outside diameter is usually the same as the outside diameter of the flange and the gasket has bolt holes. 

Other types of flange gaskets are:


-       Dual flange gaskets

-       Gasket for male/female converter.

-       API ring gaskets. RTJ Gaskets.


Most flange gaskets are manufactured according to international norms, of which the most common are:



DIN norm flange gaskets.


Classified by the max atmospheric pressure they are designed for (Kg/cm3). Type: PN6 · PN10 · PN16 · PN25 · PN40


-       Flange (RF): DIN 2690.

-       Flange (FF) PN10: DIN 2576.

-       Flange (FF) PN16: DIN 2633

-       Flange (FF) PN25: DIN 2634

-       Flange (FF) PN40: DIN 2635

-       Dual Flange: DIN 2691.

-       Spigot flange: DIN 2692




 Classified by the max atmospheric pressure they are designed for (PSI), indicated by hash tag #.

Types: 150# · 300# · 600# · 900# · 1500# · 2500#


Flange gasket FF ASME/ANSI B16.5 - Dimensions: from ½” to 24”

Flange gasket RF ASME/ANSI B16.21 - Dimensions: from ½” to 24”

Flange gasket ASME/ANSI B16.47 - Dimensions: from 22” to 60”


Materials commonly used for flange gaskets:



-       Compressed fibre: BELPA® · KLINGER® · TESNIT® · GARLOCK®



Manufactures Cusell can quote you any flange gasket in any size and any material. Please contact us with your enquiry.


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