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Rubber washers

Manufacturas Cusell produces custom made washers in any rubber compound, whether compact, foam or sponge and in any size and colour requested.  We are specialized in the manufacture of rubber washers according to S/DIN-125 and S/DIN-9021, washers for water meters, plumbing and heating, silicone discs for irrigation systems among many other specialized products in maintenance.

Depending on the desired shape, size and material of the of rubber washers we use a variety of different manufacturing processes:

  •  Die cut rubber washers, cut from rubber sheet.

We have a vast collection of matrixes and dies and have the capacity to produce new dies to measure in the space of 1 to 2 days.

With this manufacturing process we can produce washers in exterior diameters up to a maximum of 500mm.

Depending on the hardness of the rubber employed, we can produce washer thicknesses from 0.1mm up to 5-6mm in solid rubber and up to 30mm in foamed rubber.

The washers can be manufactured with adhesive to either one or both sides, in solid as well as in foamed rubber. For solid rubbers, any hardness from 30ºShA to 95ºShA  is available and in foamed rubbers any density. All comercially available rubber formulations are in stock or at short order and any custom formulation can be produced.

All rubber washers can be kiss-cut.

  • Rubber washers cut from molded or extruded tube.

The tubes from which we slice washers are manufactured by different processes, depending upon various parameters such as quantities, sizes, tolerances and even lead time.

The processes are:

Injection or compression molding of the tubes.

Extrusion with continuous vulcanization (hose).

Washers cut from tube are in many aspects superior to those produced with other manufacturing processes:

- Very little material waste compared to the die cut process results in lower manufacturing costs. Also, in the die cut process the rubber tends to deform slightly as it is cut, thus provoking the classical “U” shape of the exterior wall. By cutting the washers from tube with a circular saw, this effect does not occur and the outer as well as the inner wall of the washer are at completely right angles with the surface of the washer.

- Unwanted flash or injection marks, as well as flow marks and skin marks are not a problem whan cutting the washers from tube as none of these effects are present..

- This method of production allows us to manufacture washers in any thickness, even several different thicknesses cut from the same tube.

The only limitations we have with this method of producing rubber washers, are very small inside diameters or very wide walls, as well as large dimensions and short production series.

As a general rule, the tolerances obtained in rubber washers cut from tube are ±0,2 mm on all dimensions, although in the case of washers cut from extruded hose the tolerances are ±0,3 mm.

We can produce rubber washers cut from tube in any rubber, hardness and colour, in the vast majority of the cases with no tooling cost. Standard lead time  is two to four business weeks.

We produce in any rubber: Washers in Viton®, washers in neoprene, washers in natural rubber, washers in Silicone, washers in nbr, washers in latex, certified for food stuffs or potable water, certified for gas, etc.

  •  Moulded washers.
We produce moulded washers by compression, by injection and by transfer.  

Depending upon the technical requirements of the washers, the quantity to be produced, the type of rubber and other parameters will dictate the manufacturing process to be chosen for the production of the washer. 

We can formulate specific compounds in order to adapt the washers to special client requirements. 

Any colour can be added to some of our compounds, either natural or synthetic, and any hardness can be produced.

For the medical and pharmaceutical sectors we produce injected liquid or compact silicone washers certified to BgVV and USP Pharmacopoeia class VI as well as platinum cured silicone compliant to FDA.

We also specialize in micro washers.

  • Machined rubber washers
We can machine rubber washers in hardnesses from 85ºShA up, in diameters from 5 to 4000 mm in one piece and upto 10.000 mm in sections. There is no limit in thickness. The following materials can be machined: Nbr, Hnbr, Epdm, Fkm, Vmq and Polyurethane.

These materials can be compliant to FDA, NSF, KTW, NORSOK and NACE.

There is no tooling cost for this type of production and any profile can be machined to a fine finish and with a short lead time.

We cater for short as well as for large series.

· Silicone washers
· EPDM washers
· Neoprene washers
· NBR washers
· Viton® washers
· White rubber washers
· Latex washers.
· Washers with adhesive backing on one or two sides.


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